This insurance is simple, but powerful. As the name suggests, Income Protection protects a percentage of the money you normally earn. It pays you a monthly benefit to help replace income you lose due to illness or injury.

Key Benefits

Total Disablement Cover:
Pays you a monthly benefit if you become totally disabled and can't work.

Partial Disablement Cover:
Pays you a monthly benefit if you become totally disabled and remain partly disabled over time.

Recurrent Disability Cover:
Pays you a monthly benefit if you suffer the same sickness or disability within a year.

Disability Reset Cover:
Allows you to claim again if you suffer a related sickness or injury.

Payment while overseas:
Pays you a monthly benefit if you are disabled while overseas.

Retraining and support:
Reimburses you for training if you are totally or partially disabled.

Funeral assistance:
Your family will be reimbursed up to four times the monthly benefit for your funeral costs if you die.

Grief support:
Helps with the cost of professional grief support to cope with sudden changes.

Elective surgery:
Pays you a monthly benefit if you are disabled due to an elective surgery.

Overseas assist:
Reimburses you and one support person for travel back to New Zealand if disabled overseas.

Return to work:
Pays you a bonus benefit if you are able to return to work.

25% income bonus:
Pays you a 25% bonus of your income if you are partially disabled.

Childcare assistance cover:
Helps with the cost of childcare if you are sick or injured.

Pregnancy premium waiver:
Your premiums will be paid for you if you become pregnant.

Optional benefits

Extras package:
Provides extra cover for things like accommodation, crisis, family assistance and unemployment.

Increasing claim:
Increases your monthly benefit each year to help keep pace with inflation.

Income booster:
Boosts your monthly benefit by 33% for 3 months to help with initial expenses.

Covers medical workers who contract Hepatitis B or C or HIV during work.

Mental health discount:
Provides a discount if you choose to limit your benefit payment period to two years for any claims related to mental illness.

Kids Cover:
Lets you cover your kids too.

Got a question?

Click on these common FAQs below to learn more.

+ How long will I have to wait before my payments start?

When you set up your policy, you’ll decide how long the wait period is before you start receiving payments. Chat with us about the different options - there’s a 2, 4, 8, 13 or 26 week wait. In some cases a 1 or 2 year wait period might suit you best. It all depends on how well you think you’d cope financially before the payments kick in.

+ Will I get paid if I also receive ACC?

This may depend on the type of cover you take out. A Loss of Earnings cover may top up the amount you receive from ACC. However, everyone's circumstances are different and an adviser can recommend the best cover for your situation.

+ Can I get cover for being made redundant?

Yes, usually you can get redundancy cover at an additional cost if you've already taken out a Mortgage Protection Cover. This is a great option as it pays out for up to six months if you’re made redundant. Certain conditions apply.