A major health issue can also take its toll on your time and money. This insurance gives you a sum of money that can help you get through it.

Our Trauma Insurance covers 44 medical events, conditions or surgical procedures, including many types of cancer and other serious illnesses.

Key Benefits

Trauma Recovery Cover:
Pays a lump sum if the medical event, condition or surgical procedure you experience meets the claim criteria.

Early Stage Cancer Cover:
Some of your cover is paid out early to help with treatment.

Financial planning:
Helps with the cost of financial advice to support financial choices after claim.

Grief support:
Helps with the cost of professional grief support to cope with sudden changes.

Optional benefits

Kids Cover:
Lets you cover your kids too.

We pay your premiums:
We pay your Trauma Recovery Cover premiums if you can’t work more than 10 hours per week due to illness or injury.

Covers medical workers who contract Hepatitis B or C or HIV during work.

Early Trauma benefit:
For some less serious medical events, conditions or surgical procedures, we'll pay 20% of your cover to help with immediate treatment.

Trauma reinstatement:
After a claim, you can restore your Trauma Recovery Cover.

Life Cover buy back:
This will let you restore your Life Cover after an accelerated Trauma Recovery claim.

Major Trauma benefit:
We'll pay an additional portion of cover if your condition is considered 'major'.

Got a question?

Click on these common FAQs below to learn more.

+ What can this insurance pay for?

You can spend the money however you like. It can help to cover the cost of taking time off work to recover, or pay for another family member to take time off work to help out with your recovery. It can pay for extra treatment or specialised drugs. It can even pay for childcare or home renovations for wheel chair access, for example.

+ Does this pay our hospital costs and medical bills?

This insurance pays out a lump sum if you're diagnosed with a particular illness, injury or need a medical procedure. These are all listed on the policy. You can spend the money however you like. If you’re after insurance that specifically covers medical bills and hospital costs, then you should look at medical or health insurance.